Hong Kong Myanmar Chamber of Commerce





Seeded in 2013, the Hong Kong Myanmar Chamber of Commerce (HKMCC) is one of the newest business chambers in Hong Kong.  Its visionary mission is to connect Hong Kong and Myanmar through a variety of integrated services / solutions in creating values and opportunities.


Objectives and Organisation 

  • Serving as a Policy and Business Think Tank
  • Organizing and supporting Trade Fairs, Seminars, Workshops, Forums and Business Conferences
  • Establishing Business Matching Exercises
  • Providing  Business Information and Trade News of Hong Kong and Myanmar
  • Offering Business Advisory Services to promote investments in Hong Kong and Myanmar
  • Networking with Government Ministries and Offices
  • Promoting Cultural Exchanges between Hong Kong and Myanmar
  • Providing Business Leadership and Vocational Training Programs
  • Promoting Global Business Practices and Ethical Standards / Certifications
  • Creating Green Economic Opportunities with holistic approaches